Witchcraft Symbols

There are many common witchcraft symbols used throughout the practice of magic in general as well as in the Wiccan field. Witchcraft symbols, when charged with will, can be a powerful talisman. Witchcraft Symbols can also be used as a form of shorthand by witches for recording a spell, ritual and other information.

The most recognized witchcraft mark is the pentacle, along with the pentagram. The two are similar, the pentacle being a pentagram with a circle connecting the five points. To the pagan community, the five points represent the elements, water, earth, fire, air, and the spirit. These five factors sustain life, and the circle represents infinity and eternity. This symbol has various uses, from consecrating other ritual tools to evoking spirits.

Other symbols refer to the elements in the pentacle: earth, air, water and fire. These four are very similar, each of them consisting of a triangle, air and fire facing upwards, water and earth facing downwards. Other symbols are used for the four seasons, but these include curved lines and more complex graphical elements.

Eight planets are also represented: Mercury, Earth, Jupiter, Uranus, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Neptune. Most of them start with a round shape, except Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, which have the basic shape of a cross. Today, The Venus symbol is associated with the feminine element, and the Mars sign with the masculine. Mercury’s representation is a combination between God’s and Venue’s signs.

Most of these symbols have a round shape, basically being circles with minor changes. This is due to the circle’s meaning: infinity and eternity. These values are promoted in representing the elements. To this day, a lot of them are lost, but some have survived and still have profound implication on the witchcraft symbolism.

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